a new beginning.....?!?!?!?

"get up...!!!" , my dad shouted
6:45 on the clock and i was still lying semi-naked in my bed (ya that's wat i learned from some hollywood movies :p)

4th August 2008,Monday
(nt a gud day...6 more days yet to survive to finish up d week...)
my first day of second year of college
(obviously we were supposed to be in college on 21st July.....who cares..!!!)

"get up....else you will get late" my dad said again
"just 5 mins dad....." ,i said with my eyes still shut (as usual ;))
i got up after 15 mins rubbing my eyes ( :) )
i got up at 7am, having went to bed at the ridiculous time of 10pm (normally i don’t go to bed ’til 12pm).So getting up wasn’t too bad.. then again it’s a novelty, it won’t be so painless in a few weeks time once the weather gets worse and the work gets harder

i saw my face in mirror,found the similar ugly luking face as every day,staring at me.....!!!

hell ya !!!
i am in second year now,
its like being an animal who's unleashed after being prisoned for past 1 year.
i am a senior now and i am gonna get the hell outta my bloody juniors....
"but remember,with more power comes more responsibility"
(ha ha ha....!!!!!)
(its the same dialogue from spiderman.....)

i am not a spiderman but a monster-alike figure for my juniors....for sure
thoughts of being a senior and first day prevailed in my mind as time was ticking as fast as speedster show abs akhtar's pace ball
(controversial pindi express (?),
tht doesnt makes a sense....does it......???? )

"SHIT !!! ..........college ", i said
still brushing my teeths standing at the same spot for more than 10 minutes
i read the newspaper....(my day doesn't start without a newspaper)
i went runing to my bus stop.....
i didnt wanted to get late on my first day , as i used to be last year...(another sign of indolence)
"finally i am here...hah !!!" i said panting
well the bus arrived after 15 mins
damn it...!!!
not a good start for day no.1
well we eventually reached college campus....
the best place in world after my home,school...
i just luv it
well i love to be in the college but not inside the class attending useless classes which have no meaning for a computer science engineering studenti dnt know why the hell in this world v engineering students are tortured this way.....it sucks big time....!!!

well first day started quiet well...first lecture being M-3(Mathematics iii) no intro b/w students nd faculty......??a gud time pass and a usual custom on 1st day but nobody cared to ask for our intro.....as if v r 'popular'
started off with finite diff.,seems quiet interesting (since it ws easy 4 me 2 solve those ques.)Next was DCS (Digital Circuit System) an electronic sub...

nd neXT...>>>

and then DCS lab
moving on v had DS(Data Structure) class ,one of mY fav sub....as it involves programming...and i love coding in c++...
Programming has always been my strong spot.
so it was cool.....i liked it.....my way
day ended up with EDC (Electronics Devices & Circuits),
another electronic sub....yuck.....!!!

So first day over and done with, and things ran smoothly for me.
Now i have to do it all over again tomorrow and then after that nd so on......
life goes on....!!!!

P.S: i am srry.
i kno its too late to post this part but wat to do.....
u kno how LAZ......................................Y i am.
i'l consider it next tym nd post on appropriate tym.
thank u 4 bearing it with me...
thanx shafi who reminded me of posting this entry on the blog....



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