This Festive Season

When I was born , I didn't know who my mother was ? I could only see my look alikes. I guessed, the world is all the same , resembling . I think I came out of an industry , to my knowledge till date . I never grew any tall all my life , same was the case with my relatives.But I was taller than many of us . I learned speaking when I was at a shop , with my cousins ,aunts , uncles , grandpa etc & the most vivid guy the shopkeeper himself. He took care of all of us , he was a good old man with a good smiling face & a moustache. I loved the way he conversed. People came & took away my relatives in place of money.
I was eager to get out of shop to see the outer world . I had a 93 days long stay at the shop until a kid with his mom came to buy me & my brothers. Once again I was in a poly bag , the world looked green to me , unless I came out of the poly bag to get that the color of polythene was green. I was with my cousins , enjoyed there company . The house was well furnished & clean . I looked to my right out of the window to see the lighted houses . Suddenly the phone kept in the corner next to me ranged , the father of the boy answered it wishing happy diwali, that revealed me its diwali. It was dusk already . The clock showed 8:45 on the wall in front of me . The kid came with his father to take all of us outside the house. The open air felt good , I breathed better & healthier.
All of my cousins one by one left me . I could only see a light & hear a violent bursting sound after intervals of time , the noise differed significantly ; as I laid horizontally behind a wall. I could see the sky lighted up . The boy took me in his hands , his tiny hands were nice to feel . I saw him smiling with bliss , his eyes were on me. He kept me on the roadside & came to light me up. My pony lit for 3 seconds & I went up into the sky. I touched my vertical potential & gave a smile to the boy in the form of sparks in sky with a boom; the kid replied to me with a grin , several others did the same . I could see myself grinning for the last time in the eyes of my audience . The noise was for the pain I felt when I harmed the environment , with the smoke I left after me.
Life of a rocket.

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