24Th Feb 2010
It was the day of rail budget in the Indian Parliament . Rail minister Mamta Banerjee giving frivolous
importance to West Bengal and many more issues in it . All the prime time news were ready to talk about the
budget , its pros & cons . But there was a man who made the news change . The very master of the game Sachin
Ramesh Tendulkar . At 6 :15 pm IST he made 200 not out in Gwalior against South Africa . In a country of millions
who could single handedly have changed the topic of the prime time news of 9. That's the quality of a man who
has served the nation for 2 decades .From the time Sachin had made the marvellous , blistering ,first time ever
knock he was on the news . In this generation of Internet a google search on Sachin Tendulkar leads to
5,610,000 results in 0.17 seconds . That's the impression of a man who is referred as the God of cricket.
Born on 24 April 1973 (age 36) , he played for Bombay at the age of 15 & scored his first 100 against Gujarat.
He played his first test match aged 16 against Pakistan inn 1989. The man himself has seen all the ups & downs
in his long career . But every time he was criticised he bounced back to reply .
Aged 36 , he is expected to be tired of playing but what makes a man do the same thing for a long period
of 20 years , he answers it with the passion and the love he has always had for the game . He made 200* without
a runner , running 82 runs for himself (25 fours & 3 sixes) . That showed how fit he is at the age of 36 &
after achieving almost every milestone & defining many new ones. He is the man of dignity, he isn't arrogant , very friendly and modest . He made every Indian proud & i wish he continues to do that. Kudos to him .

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