Mumbai, the city of dreams was attacked by terrorist on 26/11 night.
The siege continued for 59 long hours & finally our NSG commandos did the job at there level best . Now this can be known by reading any of the newspapers or watching any of the 24*7news channels which are filled with every minute detail possible of all this mass destruction.

A city was fighting a nightmare & the politicians played their own game of criticising the ruling government .This was the time to unite . I get a feeling of disgrace over all of them (pity on them) & another fact is again practically explained in an unsaid manner that why doesn't any politician die in any of the terrorist attacks.They still fight for the chair & power which we grant them in accord . The saga of these attacks would calm after some days & then our damn politicians will do the job of visiting &paying homage to the relatives of the deads . The limit of patience was crossed by the CM himself Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh when he himslef addressing a press conference couldn't answer about the no. of terrorists being behind the attack .They will never come out of the nutshell & are too coward to act or respond.

Coverage of TV channels ??? Yup !the 24*7 news channels had got something to show or rather stick .Which was covered by there brave correspondents .The question arises "ARE THE CORRESPONDENTS REALLY BRAVE?" I personally feel that sometimes being genuine is more important then hyping your own acts .Taking an example ...Star News in spite of showing regrets for the lives lost the correspondents flaunted there own acts of courage themselves as soon as the military operation was over . Actually what media persons did was to be around the line of danger but not in danger . They do that for TRP's & all .Sometimes it is over hyped & gradually news gets distorted . What about the men who played with their own lives & those who lost .They didn't do that for TRP's & money . They really love their country .Their sacrifice should have been prioritised . The point is also like their sacrifice doesn't need any recognition of a politician , a medal or a TV news channels view or any exclusive show on them ,it already is invaluable.

Somehow these brutal acts of violence should come to an end .Nothing will happen cursing & criticising politicians or govt. We got to take steps on our own level & alter the "nothing gonna change "attitude .

Sustain the pain,
Nothing to lose nothing to gain;
I can’t pretend,
to accept it all,
Here I am walking tall.

Why do you have to abstain yourself?
C’mon now get a hold of yourself,
Roll out of your bed;
Rise up and take a step ahead.

Stand up for what’s right and what’s wrong
Don’t cry on what has gone;
Life is short,
death is long,
Before it’s too late to move on.

The fire inside me wants to come out
for crying out loud
The song of revolution
Its time for my retribution

I am invincible as long as I'm alive
It is not that easy to survive
In this life you could lead if you only believe
and in order to achieve what you need

Sustain the pain ;
Sustain the pain.....

P.S.: This post is not posted by Puneet as he has met an accident . This good deed (hehe!!) is done by his loyal freind 'Shafique' . I pray he gets well soon and posts his nexts by himself .

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