Since my childhood ,I have often heard stories from my grandma , about the good deeds and the karma that lead us to the path of Heaven in the afterlife. I was satisfied with this till I was a child. But what made the fact quite amusing for me as I grew up, is whether Heaven actually exists ?I don't know even if I'll be able to obtain a satisfying answer to my question ever in my life that can pacify my curiosity.In my point of view(it does matter to me anyway!),I think Heaven does exist ,and on this earth . Every individual can make his/her life heavenly. There are instances from my own life which bestow me with a heavenly being of the person I love the most so close to me and getting all the love, or succeeding in something which I really desire..or be it ..just a feeling of that inescapable joy of being a naive mother in future years...It makes me feel that I am on the cloud nine. I am imbibed with a feeling that I am the happiest person on this earth .Summarizing the preceding lines- I feel heavenly :)Well, this is quite obvious . However ,not to neglect, there are instances which make us feel that our life is more of a living hell.

Definitely, you cannot avoid the mishaps but certainly mitigate the suffering :)

Not only this ,I feel it very apt to believe that heaven lies in the hearts of those who believe in good Karma and actually implement it .The power lies within the individual to adumbrate the thought to himself
that Heaven 'll definitely hold a niche in his life if he follows the above.(Am I being very philosophical ?Well,Yes!)

They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,
Love and desire and hate:
I think they have no portion in us after We pass the gate.
They are not long, the days of wine and roses;
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.

It is worthwhile to live as the whole world is crammed with Heaven .Every common bush ,every common individual afire with God.Have a broader perspective and there you realize the meaning of heaven..

The search is over .Feel good. Feel heavenly.

Who are we?the mortals who commit mistakes,understand,accept our faults and then correct our mistakes?(..which are even blunders..)But does this thing always happen with each and every individual?I don't think each and every individual has the power to analyse what he has done..There are a few who do not even think before they leap and later repent for it.Unfortunately,I am the one who belong to this category of individuals(*sigh*)Does life give a second chance always ?Well yes,it does..but many of us are too ignorant to even look for it .When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which 's open for us.The ocassion piles up with difficulty..and we become helpless..:(we weep , our heart cries out in pain..We find ourselves drowning in the vortex of gloom..Sometimes it is too much for us that ,one even puts his own life at risk due to the immense depression that burdens our heart.

But then,a natural process starts up within..just without realizing it..suddenly a little voice emerges from rise up with the is God within us that wants us to stand up for our own blunders,to correct them and move forward..We must listen to this meek voice within and shut down all the clutter and the noise of the world ..If we follow to it,we find that the feeble and the gloomy individual within us is becoming stronger and is gradually rising up.We try to improve ourself at the start of each new day; of course, we achieve quite a lot in the course of time through introspecting and taking a vow to not to repeat those blunders again.We start realizing that life has a whole new meaning for us ..we start to live again ,have a stronger conscience and respect life..
It is we who make our our life complex..Since it is our life,we are solely responsible for how it has been and how it will be in the future years .No one else has a share in it ...

My friends ,what I have learnt till now is to behold and act in a positive way:)

Cheers :)

This Festive Season

When I was born , I didn't know who my mother was ? I could only see my look alikes. I guessed, the world is all the same , resembling . I think I came out of an industry , to my knowledge till date . I never grew any tall all my life , same was the case with my relatives.But I was taller than many of us . I learned speaking when I was at a shop , with my cousins ,aunts , uncles , grandpa etc & the most vivid guy the shopkeeper himself. He took care of all of us , he was a good old man with a good smiling face & a moustache. I loved the way he conversed. People came & took away my relatives in place of money.
I was eager to get out of shop to see the outer world . I had a 93 days long stay at the shop until a kid with his mom came to buy me & my brothers. Once again I was in a poly bag , the world looked green to me , unless I came out of the poly bag to get that the color of polythene was green. I was with my cousins , enjoyed there company . The house was well furnished & clean . I looked to my right out of the window to see the lighted houses . Suddenly the phone kept in the corner next to me ranged , the father of the boy answered it wishing happy diwali, that revealed me its diwali. It was dusk already . The clock showed 8:45 on the wall in front of me . The kid came with his father to take all of us outside the house. The open air felt good , I breathed better & healthier.
All of my cousins one by one left me . I could only see a light & hear a violent bursting sound after intervals of time , the noise differed significantly ; as I laid horizontally behind a wall. I could see the sky lighted up . The boy took me in his hands , his tiny hands were nice to feel . I saw him smiling with bliss , his eyes were on me. He kept me on the roadside & came to light me up. My pony lit for 3 seconds & I went up into the sky. I touched my vertical potential & gave a smile to the boy in the form of sparks in sky with a boom; the kid replied to me with a grin , several others did the same . I could see myself grinning for the last time in the eyes of my audience . The noise was for the pain I felt when I harmed the environment , with the smoke I left after me.
Life of a rocket.

On the Verge of Submerging....

Yes one day will come when these special , priceless days will diminish from my life .
These college life days ; when things are fine & good we have fun ,& we never come to know how time flies .

I have been half way through , completing my 2ND year . Two more year & I am done with the best days of my life ,which I am gonna cherish all my life. But who knows a masters degree would add 2 more years if possible (it has a but...huh!). After all even if the degree's are over the fact which persists in life is learning never ends .
Someone who thinks that he has every knowledge in the world & doesn't need to learn more is on a declining path (not my thought actually heard it from my father).

One day these days (including this one ) will become past & I may sit in the evening reading a newspaper & on reading something I would recollect my memories (Uh! its too much to think of !!). Once I submerge into the outside world (the world outside the college) all would change. A seriousness would be in my mind 24*7 . I will have responsibilities (you know!:P). Life goes on & on with all the ups & downs .The wants never ends , satisfaction doesn't lasts long , boredom conquers .
One more remark , I blazed at what i have written above , I clicked over another aspect of human life - no matter how well we plan its always uncertain at last . Just look at the possibilities I have in my mind for my life (a masters degree, responsibilities,time for memories etc) anything can happen even what I haven't thought of . I don't even know the longevity of my life. That's the way it goes far from my control ; far from anyone else's control but only in hands of The Almighty . I personally admit it about myself that I don't plan much . I trust destiny over this and my experiences are the spine of my trust . Eh! Why am i writing it like that . You reader can do follow what u plan . I am fortune believer.
Its not that I am submerging into the outside world right now, but its an anticipation of what I guess I would feel when I leave college.Since at the beginning of college , school days seemed better & when I would leave college ; college days will appear dearer . For now , concentrating on present.....

Each human being on earth has a different way of thinking & a unique way of judging things .Every person has a different opinion on every other thing present on earth .No two persons can have the same opinion on everything present in this world.
Every person has limits to what is good or bad?what is clean or dirty? what is addiction or love ? what is selfish or humble? & several others in this list. Every person has a distinguished manner of taking things & judging them with discriminated thought process.It is, in deed very difficult to balance with the art of looking at the other person's point of view & still being oneself .
An addict would do anything for getting a piece of what he's addicted to , that's what he thinks is important to him & that's what he wants . But to a normal guy , this would look like being insane. People have different measures to have an idea about a thing being dirty or clean. For an instance , some people think that there hands are clean only by washing it with water , some take no less than use of soap & some do not even mind washing . For some looking good is of utmost importance but some don't even bother wearing decent stuff.
So , many people one comes across in daily life have versatile opinions, nature , character & different ways of judging things .The difficulty lies in the fact that one has not to forget to be oneself even belonging to various kinds of people . I had read somewhere long before that a person can have good friends if he/she can see other's point of view with their own's. It is really hard to do this . I myself felt this dilemma of being myself or to consider others point of view . One has to have a balance in it . There's a confusion in being (exactly)oneself in front of every single/different person one meets.

I read it somewhere about our PM that , Manmohan Singh's father used to be honoured when his son was governor . He used to show people his son's signature on a one rupee note. That was the pride of a father for the achievement of his own blood .
In my memory - Five years back ,the Dainik Bhaskar front page ,next morning after the Lok Sabha results , contained a modified form of the poem "Khoob ladiMardani (vo jhansi waali raaani thi)" on Sonia Gandhi. The widow played it yet again , this time with daughter Priyanka & son Rahul. A widow clicks right & clinches victory.Sonia learned Hindi , conquered her imposed image of a foreigner , fought hard doing rallies & finally her critics got answers by the figures on the doomsday. Its no more Congres(t) for one of the most prominent party in the largest democracy in the world ; now its Congress in progress ."ITALY MEM DID IT AGAIN".

A youthful approach , a young criterion for a professed outlook , no more biased thinkers , thats what Rahul Gandhi has brought up to the Congress .Praises for him .
Manmohan Singh will become 2nd P.M. to stay twice onto the post after J. Nehru.After 38 long years Indians have given consecutive chance to the same government.Something above the PITY-POOR-POLITICS is about to take place this time . Things like buying of M.P's for gaining majority , parties altering there fundamental principles for being in the ruling government etc is PPP. This is the major advantage of the emergence of a single party with a considerably good numbers of seats to form a government .This government should be unidirectional & will be working without compromises (opposite to the last time , due to left alliance). Lets hope for the best .


Students of MIT colleges went on strike...!!!

Ujjain, March 16

"Ek do teen chaar....Band karo yeh ATTYACHAR.....!!!!!" (Ya! It does sound funny....but we are engineering students afterall....)

The college today echoed with slogans like this. The news about the fees-hike angered the students of MIT college.
They blame authorities for keeping them in dark about fee-hike. The ongoing student agitation over hike in fees in second year has spread to college students who went on strike calling the hike “unacceptable”.The engineering students of second year in MIT College, MITS College and MITM College, went on strike.
The agitating students alleged the fees have been increased by 30%. Moreover, they were not informed about the hike at the time of admission or even later, claimed the students . The fees includes 1st years increased fees also.The college managements on the other hand said the fees were being demanded as per RGT University guidelines. They said the students had been apprised about the fee structure well in advance.
The situation at the college turned unpleasant as students broke he windows of college guest house. And a chaos was created at Ujjain-Dewas route,one of the busy route.
"Students should know that the fee has been charged as per the RGT University guidelines.” , said chairman of MIT College
The students boycotted classes throughout the day. Some students threatened to continue protests until the college managements came clear on the issue.

Well, the girls played their part too. They came up with a new slogan, "Band karo yeh ATTYACHAR.....!!!!!Nahi bahrenge 14 hazar....!!! " :) :p lol...!!!

I heard some of them stood against the lathi charge.Hats off to you girls.

See, you never realised a girl's potentials.....:p

One thing that did came out of all this protest was that the students united against the management irrespective of whatever may the reason be.

JAI ho !!!!
Here is a film which is a true winner , a poverty seller , a lively saga or whatever you want to call it . Movie shows it all from what one turns face and does not look at in real life . Had this not been made , how many wouldn't have come to know the truth lying beneath the fakes . loved it , actually the way it goes & the memory of the boy Jamal , was all awesome , the way his life goes & love enlightening his life at last .That was all in a movie although but one becomes happy as it ends , in short one comes happy outside the theatre . A sure shot story line ,nothing useless , worth watching & a visual delight for the 2 hour long movie . The movie teaches to smile & to believe in destiny (it is written) . Miracles do happen , one has to wait , have patience & do what seems to be right . Film tells many of us that how our life is better than millions living in this world of cruels. Makes one feel happy by heart, watch this one to actually know the value of what we have but not of what we don't .A straight heart touching experience turning us eye to eye to reality . Rahman's music scores top , brings flurries of hope & makes the film even more touching . First golden globes & oscar nominations & now won my heart , the last one is more prestigeous than the former two haha!!!

The show who wants to be a milionaire hosted by Anil Kapoor , an untypical host who doesn't respect the boy Jamal in a way he cracks rotten jokes on boy Jamal , which is undesirable in reality shows .
The interrogation by irfan khan was shown good &the boy narrating his own story was still good . THEY ASKED ME WHATEVER I KNEW :: hOW a slum living boy knows answers to questions whose answers are miserably given by other literates.Everyone watching the show & the host himself suspects Jamal of cheating & fraud . They send him to police custody to speculate the same . The police tortures him , beats & whatever they could , but the boy had a simple reply to there queries ........THEY ASKED ME WHATEVER I KNEW .Thats destiny huh!!!.......................

Defining "Cute" :

Cute can be actions , looks ,sayings or anything . I have some real physical definition of what 'cute' is ? with me . Actually she is an angel , a show stopper , an eye catcher beauty , shear beauty in many forms . She is my niece Maryam . Has only turned 9 months two days before yesterday (6Th Jan). She has redefined me 'cute' the word ,in many ways , i mean her every single movement , every expression & everything what babies do reminds me of 'cute' .They simply posses a natural cuteness in them . I love them & will surely miss them a lot when she would go back to her home in Bangalore . Its a fact that every child is cute in many ways; but I have a special place for her cuz she is like a first one to me , whom I have picked in my arms & amused at my level bests . Its like you forget the whole world when you look at her. Her small hands touching my cheek gives an eternal bliss , a kind of satisfaction. She has got an image of my grandmother , which is really heart-warming , at times a bit more emotional too. The way she catches my finger & walks is truly great . A million unexplainable feelings & thoughts I feel when I am with her or rather she is with me . These feelings , thoughts are more personal & confined to me than to anyone else . Will be missing her too much .

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