I might be the first person to thank corrupt Indian citizens . I really would like to express my
gratitude towards them . Had there be no corruption , I would have been sitting here single .

It was the rainy season 2 years back from now ; I was walking on the sidewalk of the road , it was a kind of climbing a small ridge if you could get through the road without getting dirty your outfit in rainy season. I walked jumping and carefully cleared about half the way I had to go . Let me tell you about the road it was under construction for 3 years , had to be broader then the older one , & intended for a long life due to concrete . 5 months after the inaugural it gave births to its off springs , yeah it had
potholes providing a bumpy ride over the road .

I was walking , suddenly a girl got her Activa bumped near me splashing muddy water over my jeans , just above my knee. I looked at her ; she said 'sorry' ; that would not have been enough for me if there was anybody else instead of her . But this time I didn't care about what had been done to my branded jeans ; but I was lost in the moment she turned to me and said 'sorry' with an awful expression on her face . She went ahead of me and turned back once again to look at me . I was left stunned by her looks , I think , I just can't describe it . I didn't sleep all night , damned myself that I didn't notice the vehicle number . But what I could have done if I noticed it , anyways.

It was about a week plus from the pragmatic incident , I went to the lake side of the city , by my bike ; there was patch work going on the road and a bus made a traffic jam there . I was stucked in it , suddenly I saw the same girl riding Activa beside me . I then followed her , she hadn't seen me , she went to a couple of shops and then to her home . It was around 3 kms away from my home. My cell phone ranged when i stood behind a parked car near her home , that was my mom. Oops i had to pick her from the School she teaches in .

Thanks to corrupt road builders in the country , once again .If there wouldn't have been that patch work i might not have seen her & then her home .
For over a month I used to roam near her home for a glimpse of her, I came to know her name 'Palak'. I was back to college after the semester break , and felt glad of having juniors as I was then in II year. Palak went on to be my branch junior , I was eager to rag her actually to talk to her .
I was walking down to the lobby in the college , all of a sudden I heard a voice saying "Aarav sir". I turned back responding to the voice which made me think of Palak and was amazed finding 'Palak' there . I was glad at that time {even more than passing in the exams :)}.We became friends first of all , she knew my feelings and I could guess hers but i always doubted myself .
That is how I met the one I love . Thanks to the corrupt builders and politicians. I thank them all to help me meet my destiny .


P.S. - Fiction it is .
regards 'SRG'

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