JAI ho !!!!
Here is a film which is a true winner , a poverty seller , a lively saga or whatever you want to call it . Movie shows it all from what one turns face and does not look at in real life . Had this not been made , how many wouldn't have come to know the truth lying beneath the fakes . loved it , actually the way it goes & the memory of the boy Jamal , was all awesome , the way his life goes & love enlightening his life at last .That was all in a movie although but one becomes happy as it ends , in short one comes happy outside the theatre . A sure shot story line ,nothing useless , worth watching & a visual delight for the 2 hour long movie . The movie teaches to smile & to believe in destiny (it is written) . Miracles do happen , one has to wait , have patience & do what seems to be right . Film tells many of us that how our life is better than millions living in this world of cruels. Makes one feel happy by heart, watch this one to actually know the value of what we have but not of what we don't .A straight heart touching experience turning us eye to eye to reality . Rahman's music scores top , brings flurries of hope & makes the film even more touching . First golden globes & oscar nominations & now won my heart , the last one is more prestigeous than the former two haha!!!

The show who wants to be a milionaire hosted by Anil Kapoor , an untypical host who doesn't respect the boy Jamal in a way he cracks rotten jokes on boy Jamal , which is undesirable in reality shows .
The interrogation by irfan khan was shown good &the boy narrating his own story was still good . THEY ASKED ME WHATEVER I KNEW :: hOW a slum living boy knows answers to questions whose answers are miserably given by other literates.Everyone watching the show & the host himself suspects Jamal of cheating & fraud . They send him to police custody to speculate the same . The police tortures him , beats & whatever they could , but the boy had a simple reply to there queries ........THEY ASKED ME WHATEVER I KNEW .Thats destiny huh!!!.......................

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