Students of MIT colleges went on strike...!!!

Ujjain, March 16

"Ek do teen chaar....Band karo yeh ATTYACHAR.....!!!!!" (Ya! It does sound funny....but we are engineering students afterall....)

The college today echoed with slogans like this. The news about the fees-hike angered the students of MIT college.
They blame authorities for keeping them in dark about fee-hike. The ongoing student agitation over hike in fees in second year has spread to college students who went on strike calling the hike “unacceptable”.The engineering students of second year in MIT College, MITS College and MITM College, went on strike.
The agitating students alleged the fees have been increased by 30%. Moreover, they were not informed about the hike at the time of admission or even later, claimed the students . The fees includes 1st years increased fees also.The college managements on the other hand said the fees were being demanded as per RGT University guidelines. They said the students had been apprised about the fee structure well in advance.
The situation at the college turned unpleasant as students broke he windows of college guest house. And a chaos was created at Ujjain-Dewas route,one of the busy route.
"Students should know that the fee has been charged as per the RGT University guidelines.” , said chairman of MIT College
The students boycotted classes throughout the day. Some students threatened to continue protests until the college managements came clear on the issue.

Well, the girls played their part too. They came up with a new slogan, "Band karo yeh ATTYACHAR.....!!!!!Nahi bahrenge 14 hazar....!!! " :) :p lol...!!!

I heard some of them stood against the lathi charge.Hats off to you girls.

See, you never realised a girl's potentials.....:p

One thing that did came out of all this protest was that the students united against the management irrespective of whatever may the reason be.

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