Cursing Humour !!!

PHEw!!! [KaRz(Curse) ...(Karzzzi ) Imesh Ishammiyya(He- mess Reshmaiyya) ]
CUrsE No.:

i) 'Rishi kapoor' is seeking a place to hide and is cursing himself for acting in Karz(1980).
ii) 'R.K'. is cursing India to be 'democratic' , if it wouldn't have been democratic he would have banned 'He-mess '.Not getting a place to cry he weeps for hours sitting near the shit pot after watching KaRzz promos (yuk!).
iii) He-mess was given a schedule of exercise to increase his facial expressions by Baba Ramdev. But it didn't work & He-mess still looks expressionless on-screen . He curses B.R. ........

[Others {way back}]

i)'TaShAn': Kareena possessed Paris Hilton (Hollywood hottieeeee...) figure (even copied her expressions )& cursed yashraj for insisting size (0) zero look as the film flopped .
ii)'Dus ':( yes the movie {years ago} didnt make anything on box office ) Shilpa Shetty copied Lara Croft look & cursed herself for beleiving that the Tomb Raider was a flop .She supposed that no one would catch her replicating as the movie flopped.
iii)'Ankahee': Esha Deol simulating Madonna's haircut in the movie made it a flop .
She cursed Madonna as she turned 40. Thereafter Esha has an unlucky no. that is 40.

List goes on & on , I guess , I myself have started cursing them all. Enough is enough , no one's genuine in bollywood (except some).

oct 6,2008

"duh. .!i don't wanna go!!" i said this to myself. .as soon as my cell. .snoozed for almost the 5th time. .=D. .i was juz not willin' to go to school. .dunno. .why. .(though i didn't have any test . .nor did i have to submit my recent exam report card to my teacher=D). .but then i somehow unwillingly woke up. .!..i was getting ready for my school. .and suddenly . .shivika(my best friend) rang up to know if i were going. .! i said yes. .n she told that she 'd pick me up. .!!i was okay at the moment but desperately wanted to stay back. .!after a few minutes, she called up again . .and said she was not coming with me n 'd be takin her younger bro with her. .!!it further added to my "not goin to the skool plan";) moreover i was getting late n had no means to go except my bicycle. . n this was how . .i better thought to chuk school. .:D

merely 5 minz had passed. .n her mum called. .i was astounded at the moment. .:o
n she said. ."beta(in hindi. .auntys do address like that)shivika has forgotten her bagpack. .could you take it to the skhool. .??"
woaa!woht should i do now. .?i thought. .for the moment ..but i said . .that i'd be takin' her bag with me!. .pheww. .it ruined my plan. .!!:(. .then i dressed up 'gain n sped along with my bicycle to her place(not really . .the bicycle hardly had any air in its tyres). .took the bag n dragged my bicycle again. .:( i was already late for the school. .but was a bit happy on the other side. .since i had a valid excuse!:D
i reached the school somehow. .duh!. .n guess what. .?!. . .the princi (whoops!respected principal sir!)was standing at the gate. .!!"NOT AGAIN!" i thought. .!
(i am usually getting harsh scoldings for getting late always. .:D. .).. .but what did i see. .?! he was smiling at me. .he asked the reason. .i blatantly said the TRUTH!;)
he asked me to stand in the late comer's queue. .!there i was. .standing alone with no 12thies around. .!(yeah i am in grade 12th. .:)). .it added to my worries. .since i still had to face the HITLER . .LOL!..yeah!this is what many pupils state chauhan ma'am(whoopz !RESPECTED. .too. .)as!

but the reality was totally antagonistic to my expectations!:-) it was hardly what i expected!. .no scolding nor any lectures. .*yawn* but i was sent to the class straight away. .!!seemed. .god was happy ' at my deed. .!(Oh..!did i forget to mention 'bout my DEED. .?ey,i took my friend's bag to the school anyhow. .no matter how n what the circumstances were :D)

Shear Fun!!

Me & my school time friend Shailendra (now a cadet of NDA in NAVAL ACADEMY GOA) were ragging some fuchchaas (slang term for a fresher).He always visits our college when on a leave from the Academy & rags just for fun . I was teasing him by calling him' Ajay Devgun' of 'Major Saab' (cadet 'Virendra Pratap'HA HA!!). Gradually fed up of ragging juniors ,we thought of ragging a 2Nd year student(initially it was his thought ).We sent a junior to call the girl sitting next to us in canteen .He followed our orders & she came to us . We called ourselves her seniors(3rd yr) & she trusted (most stupid thing she did).But she had to as we were too confident saying the same.
We started the conversation with an intro(which she couldn't give in a proper 'funda') .Shailendra being a cadet is a master in ragging , so he firstly humiliated her by proving her that she doesn't deserve to be an 'engineer'.
Then we moved on to prove the same thing again and again , which eventually made her feel inferior (she gave us a" kill you" look) . Even though after this much embarrassment she kept on smiling which annoyed me the most(she was good looking but acted over smart ). Apart from this all , we both also have a heart inside our (respective)chests.
So after 40 odd minutes , we concluded our freaking experiment by telling her the truth.
After knowing the mystery she was dazzled (or shocked) & cursed herself by holding her head. We were ready to pay the price for our mischief so we insisted her to ask for a treat .
But she being lenient on us , asked only for chocolates (girls do love them a lot).Finally we apologised casually (significantly because of her gender).At last she grinned at us when we glared at her later in canteen .
Its hard to explain what it feels like to make a fool of anyone like that . Shailendra ' rocks' as he played the major role in our rascality .And he has got memories to share with his fellow cadets there in the Academy .We both truly wont forget this incident.A lesson for that girl , she simply wont forget both of us(that's for sure).

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