I never thought you would go away

Ever since I saw your face
I was quiet amazed
Nothing in my life has been the same
I use to walk around just thinking your name

I never thought you would go away

Without you my world would end
I keep on searching for you everywhere
You looked at me, you smiled at me
But now, you walk away....

I never thought you would go away

It's not that I can't live without you
It’s just that I don't even want to try
You don’t, but I do care
What you did wasn’t fair

I never thought you would go away

With a broken heart
What could I say?
I thought,
You were here to stay

I never thought you would go away

The sky is crying
Clouds are screaming
Everything’s seems so unusual
Since you left me dying

I never thought you would go away

Shattered dreams
Broken heart
Weeping eyes
We fall apart

I never thought you would go away

I can't get you off of my mind
God knows I've tried
Hide my tears in the pouring rain
Had my share of hurt and pain

I never thought you would go away

Life seems meaningless without you
You are the one I need
I kept my love inside
Come back, before I die

I never thought you would go away

hello evry1...!!!!
v are delighted to welcome new member sU(Surbhi)

in su we found som 1 who shares the same vision -
desire to provide utility for the readers.

she is youthful and has gr8 interest in literature and music....
can provide variety to this blog
if u r tired of our collg stuffs
here is som1 frm school to take u back to school days...

rock on grl...!!!!
our wishes r with u..

24 sep.2008

the nite before my englIsh exam!. .as usual i wasn't prepared for it till the midnYt. .!(i am always inclined to be dIlatory!=D)i thought of checkIn orkUt. .cuz i was bored . .sUddenlY i got a scrap from puneet. .a major contributor to this asskIckIn creatIon. .to hav a lOOk at this blOg. .!!i was amazed after readIn' the posts. .seroiuslY. .:)i was attracted to the core. .!! i am always active in such things. .where i can xpress myself to the fUllest. .!!. .n i think . .so are the other contributors too. .;)hell yeah. .!!\m/

umm. .then it suddenly dawned upOn me. .to jOin it. .n i am here..!!:)


Chequered Flag!!

23 9 2008

7:21 PM
It was dusk half an hour before.And I was solving a Network Analysis (NAS) numerical on coaching. Suddenly my cell rang & I responded.
" This is Kaustubh ' result ' has come & I have passed with 61.4% " listening to this 'R' word I lost my calm (damn! I merely panicked). Me : " you not kidding right?".
Kaustubh: "I swear damn it your roll no. is 46 huh!!".
Me : "yes 46 I would kill u if you r pranking u bastard".
Kaustubh : "bye its charging me ".
Me : "OK bye".
(Adrenaline rushed into my mind) Two minutes later my cell rang again & it was the same no. my hands shivering to answer it , finally i told my heart to calm down and answered the call." you passed man you passed " (the same voice echoes in my thoughts up til now).
Me : "What what are u ......u not joking ...I would kill u .... u moron... swear now .
Kaustubh "Teri kasam ,Meri kasam ,Meri Bhabhi ki kasam....etc etc (censored things too )... u have 81 in a subject i don't know which one it is?(it was civil).
Me : "u still not joking right " i yelled like an animal , standing at the corner of the street . Gradually after 2 more minutes I came back on earth & saw 10 eyes(paired human eyes ..."matlab 5 chaps yaar" ) looking at me astonishingly. I laughed at my gesture a minute later & justified there curiousness's of watching me like that . At that moment I saw a "chequered flag" flown in front of me as if I had won a race or anything . I cleared my mind & informed my dad.That was all overwhelming . I returned home in no time eager to clarify my result myself.Firstly the server didn't work ,but i got calls from my other friends giving me that royal news (ha ha!!).Finally at 8:08PM I saw my result & was glad ,filled with bliss,walking on air, on seventh heaven,on cloud nine , (ahem-ahem!!!)in her arms etc etc...But this special moment will surely become a memory sometime in future . I simply won't forget this "chequered flag" .

@ a petrol station.....

21st sept. 2008


09 :00 pm

"Hellllo puneet , do you have an oil can or something similar to it"
"man,i am here at petrol station and desperately need a can to get some petrol.....can u find one for me"
"well.....lemme c......"
"ok call me if u find 1"
he sounded desperate....

i found a dirty oil can (with a usual crappy smell of oil....... ahhhh)
"yes harshal,i found 1"
"wait there i will b there in a minute"

v reached a far away petrol station

damn it......!!!!!!! "
i saw people queue-ing up at the petrol station.......
with vehicles and cans in hand.
i hv seen queues at railway station , movie halls nd even at petrol stations bt this wasnt the same as it use to be
ppl yelling nd squalling

big mess....!!!!
Well - I’d say it doesn’t take much to start any chaos in the town huh?

A few hours ago, people, or rather, bikes were flocking petrol stations in town to fill up their tanks before the petrol station operators go on strike on the 22nd.

People here rushed to petrol station like no tomorrow one....!!!!
I wanted to take photos , too bad I left my camera at home....!!!

petrol filling agents (petrolwale bhaiyas in local language)
acted as if they were bouncers of bar or something....

nd on the top of this,songs were played at the petrol station.....(wtf......!!!!!!!!!! )
while ppl quarreled to get their tanks full......
"Sinbhad the sailor sunlo sunlo" (ya.....rock on rocks.......its evrywhere..............yay!!!!)
was the song being played....
it isnt a usual scene in our city (oh srry its town oh srry village....)

songs had its own effect on unclejis and aunties......nd only girl in blue.....
staring at me nd then me giving back her a "should-i-help-u" look
bt got no response

ok moving on

though ppl were informed that the station owners will be on strike from tomorrow onwards nd petrol price may be increased further
it was like a last call for all late risers.....

harshal noticed that ppl with cans got petrol earlier than others
obviouisly he wanted to get his work done faster (lazy fella....!!!!!)

I blame the government for surprising us with increases in petrol price that the people now are suffering from 'highpetrophobia' already.

newayz there were some characters i would like to describe...

a man about 40-45 with mustache he was one of those 'wanna be' politician types.....his appearances resembling to 'gabar's gang member' telling ppl to stay calm and queue up....damn him why do ppl show their authority evrywhere....

and some police officials were placed to take carethat nothing wrong may occur.....????

a lady from nowhere came there,riding a motorcycle....
the 'petrol walla' was like "madam pehle aap"(first you)
though there was a huge queue to follow....
the official questioned his generosity.....
the petrol walla responded.....
"ladies first....understand"
getleman's grin(?) on his face.....
which was quiet deceptive
she left in no time....
with her tank full
while mans in queue stood there staring at her dumbstrucked nd they say women are dicriminated in India....???

finally harshal queued up....he stood there silently waiting for his turn.....

after about 15-20mins

HOLY SHIT.....!!!!!!

when it was harshal's turn.....
the same petrol walla said " petrol is over......!!!!!"
nd we were like "f * ( !<>
i wanted to get the hell out of him.....but what to do.....there were many of them like me who wanted to do the same.... we had no option but to go back....while we saw some ppl still stating there waiting that there may be some hope

life is tough....!!!



The Sky above is also weeping ,
though in the form of rain,
but same as the feel inside my heart,
this is spiritual & divine but only confined to me
& my soul,
simply not for anyone else to understand.

After days of bliss & nights of glories,
yet again dark cloud reign my heart,
yet not too far neither too close,
i back-up myself to see a glimpse of hope,
this is how unimportant things turn out to be at last,
i guess they hurt ,
nevertheless loosing heart is not the last path,
but fighting to sustain the shock,
gradually will be my path.

All my efforts have gone in vain ,
these are memories of pain,
but I have my pride to maintain,
still trying to pertain,
they played with my heart only to entertain,
though i have no regrets in order to sustain ,
in the fond memory of my pain ,
I write these splendid words which eventually are of
no use to me but only to drain what is in my heart(pain).

by - Shafique

a new beginning.....?!?!?!?

"get up...!!!" , my dad shouted
6:45 on the clock and i was still lying semi-naked in my bed (ya that's wat i learned from some hollywood movies :p)

4th August 2008,Monday
(nt a gud day...6 more days yet to survive to finish up d week...)
my first day of second year of college
(obviously we were supposed to be in college on 21st July.....who cares..!!!)

"get up....else you will get late" my dad said again
"just 5 mins dad....." ,i said with my eyes still shut (as usual ;))
i got up after 15 mins rubbing my eyes ( :) )
i got up at 7am, having went to bed at the ridiculous time of 10pm (normally i don’t go to bed ’til 12pm).So getting up wasn’t too bad.. then again it’s a novelty, it won’t be so painless in a few weeks time once the weather gets worse and the work gets harder

i saw my face in mirror,found the similar ugly luking face as every day,staring at me.....!!!

hell ya !!!
i am in second year now,
its like being an animal who's unleashed after being prisoned for past 1 year.
i am a senior now and i am gonna get the hell outta my bloody juniors....
"but remember,with more power comes more responsibility"
(ha ha ha....!!!!!)
(its the same dialogue from spiderman.....)

i am not a spiderman but a monster-alike figure for my juniors....for sure
thoughts of being a senior and first day prevailed in my mind as time was ticking as fast as speedster show abs akhtar's pace ball
(controversial pindi express (?),
tht doesnt makes a sense....does it......???? )

"SHIT !!! ..........college ", i said
still brushing my teeths standing at the same spot for more than 10 minutes
i read the newspaper....(my day doesn't start without a newspaper)
i went runing to my bus stop.....
i didnt wanted to get late on my first day , as i used to be last year...(another sign of indolence)
"finally i am here...hah !!!" i said panting
well the bus arrived after 15 mins
damn it...!!!
not a good start for day no.1
well we eventually reached college campus....
the best place in world after my home,school...
i just luv it
well i love to be in the college but not inside the class attending useless classes which have no meaning for a computer science engineering studenti dnt know why the hell in this world v engineering students are tortured this way.....it sucks big time....!!!

well first day started quiet well...first lecture being M-3(Mathematics iii) no intro b/w students nd faculty......??a gud time pass and a usual custom on 1st day but nobody cared to ask for our intro.....as if v r 'popular'
started off with finite diff.,seems quiet interesting (since it ws easy 4 me 2 solve those ques.)Next was DCS (Digital Circuit System) an electronic sub...

nd neXT...>>>

and then DCS lab
moving on v had DS(Data Structure) class ,one of mY fav sub....as it involves programming...and i love coding in c++...
Programming has always been my strong spot.
so it was cool.....i liked it.....my way
day ended up with EDC (Electronics Devices & Circuits),
another electronic sub....yuck.....!!!

So first day over and done with, and things ran smoothly for me.
Now i have to do it all over again tomorrow and then after that nd so on......
life goes on....!!!!

P.S: i am srry.
i kno its too late to post this part but wat to do.....
u kno how LAZ......................................Y i am.
i'l consider it next tym nd post on appropriate tym.
thank u 4 bearing it with me...
thanx shafi who reminded me of posting this entry on the blog....


9/11 ...........

9/11,ya the famous date to make one retrieve abut the WTC terrorist attack .
But it was in 2001 and on this date every year all news columns are filled with everything regarding the sad incident, but i ain't do the same .The date i m talking abt is 9/11
2007 (Sept 11 2007)
It has an utmost significance in my life .It was my first day to college .Now it is exactly a year back from now (9/11 2008).
I don't know how these 365 precious days have passed like .It seems to me it only took a fraction of a second and i sprinted a year ahead (like Bolt during olympics ...wow!!).Many screwing incidents which turned out to be lessons have become memories now.

On to the point , Sept 11 2007 , I woke up and got ready to wear best of my outfits . Went to the bus stop to catch the college bus , there were a few pharmacy
seniors (I didn't know abt the fact that they were not BE students), so i gave them a general intro.I was wearing a jeans and a shirt(printed & colourful) which annoyed them all both in bus and in college . To add to there annoyance was a brand new belt( which was taken by a Senior a day later).Went to college building without looking upwards .
I was the last one to enter the classroom .The first lecture was of Engg. Chemistry then BEE BE C.Skill ED M1 to follow .The college was new so were the furniture and gave away a redolence what newly furnished wood gives .The day was just about average (but now it does matter a lot).That day I was a bit depressed as all of my classmates seemed as awkward as dumb fellows or as ignorant as statues. But finally my perceptions changed and I found friends which are invaluable.

Nowadays college has become the next best place after my home to spend time at.
This one year has changed me , now I have discovered a creative self of mine which makes me to blog and share things . I am finally glad to b a member of the blogosphere.

by - Shafique

Book i read a few days back!!

i have read the book "THE 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE"
by Chetan Bhagat.The book is all about fun & tells about
communal people playing hypocrites .One can learn a bit.
The character-sketches r shown quite clearly & the rest part
is left 4 one's imagination , this makes it more interesting

Nevertheless its a book by an Indian author so every Indian
would like it.The words & language used r pretty much
known if one has read the preceding books of the
author.The style of telling story is the one thing which makes
a author (successful one ) and that's the thing which has made
him the bestseller novelist (huh!!).The use of the F-WORD is
quite reoccurring in the book .It makes one think how the word
has lost its weirdness .The more u use it , the less it means.
But the middle chapters r stretched too much .
n ahem ahem !! acts ( ) r described in hell of a detail .
This is a story based book , which has some things really
difficult to digest as far real life is concerned . But worth
reading .


RoCK oN !!!

rOcK oN..!!!
Hell ya..!!!

pichle saat dino mein.....nana na na na
nana na na na nana na na na na nana na nanananan...................na

i'm srry for repeating that "na na"
i kno its more than required.....
but what to do.....?
the song is so gud its sticked to my tongue...........nana na na
cant stop myself doing na na na na
awesome song...!!!!
the film is as ROCKING as the title is...!!!

so here it is our first-------------------->>>>>>
(is there nething lyk that or i just coined in a new phrase.....?)



-quiet promising
-real fun stuff
-must watch movie

real cool music + so-so acting + usual indian drama + good cinematography = ROCK ON

well the movie which has certainly changed perception abt rock music in minds of various ppl who consider lovers of rock ( youngsters ) as crazy nd insane who wear too long hair and play music too loud
a very brave attempt by the makers who presented the rock in its actual conventional form cnt believe bollywood film makers can even think of doing something like this......
its lyk a 'Dream movi' for all those (including ME......phew...!!!!!) who were tired of usual indian romantic/action films.....nd ofcourse those fake/immitated/sequel/remix crap movis..........ahhhh long list

good acting by director turned debut actor cum singer farhan....
nd is co-producer of the movie...
so much work eh..?
(how does he handle all this...........?)

prachi desai
YES..!!! that's right
its that (K)ekta (k)apoor's (K)asam se-fame tv actress (k k k ne more k's remaining...?)
(yes, i kno you watch those saas-bahu serials...:):))
jhalak dikhlaja winner.........(wat is that....?)

tried her best but ended up being in a supporting role....
the same can be said for the other two members of the band.
arjun rampal did a quiet good job
you can see so many new faces....
they did nice work

Abt d storyline:
its a story abt 4 frnds.....(frnds ? no such detail though)
who form a rock band 'MAGIK'
nd dream to becum no.1 rock band of india (yes i know u also want to do same....LOSER..!!!)
finally they get a platform to perform in V 's reality rockband show
nd how there life turns out to be int he end......

The flash backs and flash forwards may annoy you a bit...
and yes the viewer is invited to yawn once or twice
but overall a nice decent movie........
cant call it a family movie....
but yes you can watch it with your family (no rakhi sawant and no item no's)
(thank god...!!!!!)

thumbs up to Abhishek Kapoor,the director
he did a wonderful job
wel it seems like a rabbit from magicians hat.
the music is super cool.....all thanks to SEL(Shankar Ehsaan Loy)
the trio showed their "MAGIK" once again.......
conventional rock music.....a bit slow and bit a bit fast
very soothing nd realistic
music to tap ur feet
dis songs will stay on the chart for a long time
farhan has a super rocking voice quality
apt for rock songs (atleast :)).
actualy he shud think abt starting a rock band group.....(lyrics toh *papa* likh hi denge)
ne one interested.....?
send in ur entries at trylater@rockon.com

Feels as refreshing as farhan's debut directorial flick dil chahta hai....
wel one cant imagine Javed Akhtar writing such wonderful lyrics for rock songs.....
too gud...must hear

if you are an ardent lover of rock music....
u are certainly gonna lyk this and
even those who hav even a bit of interest in music...

i guess a new addition in my fav movies....!!!

In d end "ROCK ON" rocks..........!!!!

*top songs* : Pichle saat dino, rock on , socha hai, jo tum ho to,yeh tumhari meri baatein.
*music rating* : 4.5/5.0
*movie rating* : 4.0/5.0

P.S: the ratings are my own.
go and watch it on your own to find out wat actualy it is.
from my side,a must watch movie...
if you saw the movie do give ur comments here...

by -Puneet

"i was amazed by reading all ur blogs n hope in future will get more intresting blogs to read!!! "
by: Akanksha dubey
September 3, 2008 9:57 AM

first of all thank you Akanksha for appreciating my work.
this blog is for our readers and it feels nice to read your comments.
whateva it may be appreciation or criticization,we feel gud to read them.
thank u once again....!!!

P.S:It wud b nice if u can add me as a frnd on orkut (no compulsion though).
Follow this link and add me up on orkut.
It would b great if u join me ......

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