The Hefty Affair

This one is the latest experience I had with my friend Adil. It is Friday today and we have to go to mosque for prayer. I called him a few times to ask him to rush through lunch and come as soon as possible. He assured me multiple times of not messing up this time unlike last week, I waited outside the hostel for him to come. He called me from a few meters distance, to ask me to arrange helmet as the guy whose bike he had borrowed did not have one and it is compulsory for us to wear one to go out of the college gate. I hurried my way up to the third floor to borrow helmet from a friend. In all the haste I managed to come back to the parking space. To my surprise, Adil was unable to locate the bike there. He called the owner only to know that it is near the main gate. Now we ran desperately, we knew we were already late and this delay will result in us missing the congregation prayer. As soon as we left college Adil drove the bike fast to cover the time. The speed was in three figures in a few seconds; suddenly the surge in the torque of bike reduced, before I could sense Adil turned and said it is short of fuel damn it. We stopped and checked for sound of the fuel in tank it ascertained that it had fuel, the bike is Pulsar 200 without kick start. After a few futile self-starts Adil pushed the bike and tried starting it, luckily after a couple of attempts it started. Now we reached almost 2 kilometers from college and we took left to enter into the village 'Kohli'. The bike was off again but this time we checked for it to be in reserve or not. But we were not able to make out which side to turn the knob to keep it on reserve. Arbitrarily we kept it on one side. Finally the bike started, it was me riding it now, the village road is full of pot holes and is narrow. Overtaking a four wheeler there is a challenge. The condition of bike was trustworthy so I pumped it up. Now crisscrossing the potholes and other vehicles on the road we reached the destination just in time. The speed with which we covered our distance was enough to drive anybody’s adrenaline up. It was a mind boggling experience leaving me astonished.  When we returned I drove in 40’s, I could sense the difference at that time.    

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