Its 31st december 2011 , I was invited on lunch by a friend .He is from 'iit mumbai' and was in 'indore' , his hometown in holidays . The time was of 12:30 pm. The turn of events was not appropriate and I eventually left home at 12:15 . It takes 1 hour approx to cover the distance . As I was late I could not accompany my friends . I got on to a bus and then a tata magic . In tata magic there was a girl sitting opposite to me . She had her face covered with scarf with only eyes visible . Those brown eyes were big and expressive . I happened to be captivated at first sight when she looked into my eyes I looked away . I felt like I should know more about her , what's those eyes trying to say , what's behind that scarf . I felt a little poetic also thought about any possible way to compliment her but didn't come up with anything .In the 8 minute journey there were times when she looked at me (not at all exaggerating ) . It was conspicuous even other girls sitting next to her noticed , they looked at us in intervals . For me those 8 minutes were both long and short at the same time , as I was in a jiffy to reach the venue and wanted to admire her eyes too. Couple of times the conductor cracked jokes hanging on the door of the vehicle , she smiled looking at me . We got off at the same stop . Like a gentlemen I let her leave before me , I was on phone taking directions to the venue from my friend , as soon as I ended the call she disappeared . I wish I could have at least seen her face . But the very fact that I got to adore her eyes gives me a soothing feeling .

Many months have passed to this incident but it hasn't faded in my memory. To begin with , I usually have to commute by bus but that very day I got a taxi (indica) which was going from Indore to Dewas . At the last bus stop (raddison square) , joined in a doctor(doc) . We were 6 including the driver (Mr. D).

Mr. D ferociously sped the car and that was the inception of the conversation between the Doc & Mr.D . Doc started first by saying " Driver saab keep it slow and steady i am a doctor and i have seen many accident patients , they live a miserable life. I always pray to god save me from accidents or if it has to be than i should die rather living a piteous life " . Now that the brakes were applied and car motioned well around 60 Mr. D agreed to Doc ; 'accidents are hell lot of trouble' said Mr.D 'last week i saw a tavera hitting a bullock cart throwing it 30 metres away , the car turned 3 rounds and there were no casualties alive to be taken to hospital , all died , i witnessed it and couldn't manage to sleep that very night'. The Doc also narrated an accident of a boy in a motorbike- truck mishap at Saver road whose head was in the helmet when the doctor stopped to see him at the site . Now as there was no stopping the duo to chat about the topic , they continued others listened .

But there was so much to come in the conversation , as we reached kshipra Doc volunteered his advice of leaving the taxi driving job behind and starting to be in something else which is more safer , to mr.d. That was enough to trigger the man behind the cigratte smoking , tobacco chewing driver , to refute the docs claim and teach him a lesson he might not dare to forget ."
Look , i am not driving the car to have an accident" said Mr.d "as long as i am sane i won't willingly end up in a mishap , driving is my life , i once drove for 21 hours without sleep i cant think of leaving driving ".

"But everytime you are out there driving there is a risk that you might be in a fortuity which is a cause of someone else's action and not yours "
the doc presented the argument .
"What u say doc sahib is right ,one of my kith was excreting at the road side on bhopal road it was 6 in the morning and a truck unfortunately tumbled over him and he was declared dead on the spot " said Mr .d but this was not everything he was going for the kill , i had smelled it . "I shall give you an analogy , suppose Mr. doc i stop the car you open the gate to move out and suddenly a vehicle coming from the back hits you , what in hells name will you term this -i don't wish ill to you but only for the sake of argument - doc ". The Doc looked outside the window of the car thinking for a moment and said "you are right Mr. D anything can happen, no job is too risky , it depends on chances anything can turn evil or disastrous" . Now we were in the outskirts of Dewas the traffic increased and as the car overtook other cars more frequently , the arrogant looking driver (Mr.d) started respecting the doctor and slowly steered the conversation towards life . " Look , doc i respect you as what you do is very worthy of gratitude ,you serve humans , for becoming a doctor you gave up most of your youth to studies , you listened to elders ,teachers and followed ethics , morals and lot more. For me being a driver i sought the easier path to this life , i pelted stone on my teacher when he hit me , i was in 5 Th standard , after that i dropped out of the school . This is how i became a driver it deserves the risk after all it was easier to become one but its difficult and risky to persevere as a driver.

You are right Mr .d but my profession has become more corrupt nowadays these are not the old days where doctors only served humans , these days they are more after the money than the life of patients " affirmed the doc. See , i tell you the truth of money " started Mr.D sounding like a saint to me " in today's world if one manages to be away from court , hospital and police station , one in oneself is a millionaire". As we came into the city the speed of the car descended and Mr . D gave his final insights about life and his own importance he said "three professions are very crucial , critical and can make or destroy many lives one is of doctor , a judge and a driver , there one wrong decision can break many souls ; i am one of them ". He smiled after that one , as i got out of the car i gave him 20 bucks , he smiled at me then squirted tobacco on the road and raced up the car ahead .

As i came across another driver , i found the same paradigm in them , they are interesting , distinct , cool tempered in adversities and manage to be illicit and legitimate , honest and corrupt ,all at the same time .



The journey through change....

Modern times have changed my life .Primitively , there used to be respect & harmony
for me . But nowadays , they have diminished . Touches are not soft anymore
but are ruthless beatings .

There was a time when I was respected , from my young days to old . I was down to
ground usually . I yearn for the tenderness of that time . Why do things change , I
Alas ! What has been done can not be undone .Now there are more number of eyes on
me than ever before . If there had been a rating system which included me I would have
made Sharukh ask me for space in most focused charts.

Cameras role to capture my every movement & cameraman gets paid for getting me pictured.
I am no less than a celebrity . I can make and break millions of hearts .

When on a days work , extreme care is taken of me . I am rubbed , smoothened even kissed.
On odd days i might face disgrace but still there are opposition supporters who
adore me . I always keep a balance in appeasing people . I am not biased .

The arial route has been my daily extravagant adventure this summer .
I get hit hard but its worth when the millions of gleaming eyes look at me .
Ready to do anything for you , my spectators .
Yours Cricket Ball
Truly yours ........
The journey of a cricket ball from tests to T20 through ODI's.



The IPL fever and T20's barbaric treatment of balls/bowlers
instigated me .Hope u liked it .

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