The journey through change....

Modern times have changed my life .Primitively , there used to be respect & harmony
for me . But nowadays , they have diminished . Touches are not soft anymore
but are ruthless beatings .

There was a time when I was respected , from my young days to old . I was down to
ground usually . I yearn for the tenderness of that time . Why do things change , I
Alas ! What has been done can not be undone .Now there are more number of eyes on
me than ever before . If there had been a rating system which included me I would have
made Sharukh ask me for space in most focused charts.

Cameras role to capture my every movement & cameraman gets paid for getting me pictured.
I am no less than a celebrity . I can make and break millions of hearts .

When on a days work , extreme care is taken of me . I am rubbed , smoothened even kissed.
On odd days i might face disgrace but still there are opposition supporters who
adore me . I always keep a balance in appeasing people . I am not biased .

The arial route has been my daily extravagant adventure this summer .
I get hit hard but its worth when the millions of gleaming eyes look at me .
Ready to do anything for you , my spectators .
Yours Cricket Ball
Truly yours ........
The journey of a cricket ball from tests to T20 through ODI's.



The IPL fever and T20's barbaric treatment of balls/bowlers
instigated me .Hope u liked it .


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