A Geeks Love Letter To A Bimbo

Hey miss, listen to this;
Before you dismiss;
Please listen to this.

I walked streets crowded
Came across many bombshell's
but when i saw you
my heart started pounding like a tap dancers feet.

Hey miss listen to this before you dismiss;

Lemme tell ya about maself
i m so simple that i go unnoticed
but i have a brain which people do compliment

As there's no combination of beauty and brain
ours will be one in that
the latter is me and former is your other name.
Before you dismiss
please consider this

oh miss do not dismiss

i am clumsy and you are elegant
i have intel inside and you have RAM inside
we'll be an unmatched combination .

hey miss reckon this
some geek is missing you miss, so please don't dismiss.

ps : written way back in november 2010.


hehehe... li'l funny yet abstruse!!
Keep writing...!! :p

June 4, 2012 at 12:40 PM  

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