Our Experiences Shapes Our Beliefs

The other day I was having lunch in college mess, a bunch of friends accompanying me. All the 16 chairs on the table were occupied. I am used to eat in quiet, I do not speak much while eating. In the course of having lunch I witnessed a fierce argument between guys sitting to my right. Though they were not in my class, I still paid attention to them(well its always entertaining, you know :P).

The conversation:

Guy 1: How can you claim that those people do not work in the group, that too so vocally?
Guy 2: See, I have worked with them in the last term a couple of time and I have found almost all of them as social loafers. Ask anybody sitting here about them and you will get to know.
Guy 1: But the point is that you went to the faculty and demeaned them in front of other few who were there. If you had to change the group you could have gone straight to the faculty’s chamber and discuss the matter in private.
Guy 2: Everyone knows about them, how does it matter? if I said it in front of others. (his face redden with anger )
Guy 1: I think that you do not have the right to speak ill of anybody like that. They do not work much in the group but you cannot say it’s going to be the case every time and again.
Guy 2: I will have to do there spade work, I am the one who is suffering. It is easy for you to say and please do not pretend to be saint. Everyone here is for himself. I did what I felt was right, that’s all I have to say.
Guy 1: Good for you then. Giving a justification is easy but judging the rightness of the same is difficult.

Guy 2 now left the table in unrest. We watched as we chewed food, digesting arguments from both lads, burping our ways to a full stomach we were almost done. Guy 2 (sitting next to me) now was waiting for others to finish. Our eyes met and I took the opportunity to tell him in one single line that "it is our experience which shapes our belief". He looked at me in disgust but I continued -"The other chap had some experience with those social loafers, so he complained, quite openly though, let it go now".  He shook his head in disagreement then made same statements as he had made before. I said I will explain it later, for now cool down.

To illustrate, Akshay kumar, in one of his interviews narrated the story of how he changed his name from Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia to Akshay Kumar. Within a short span of the name change he got a break in a movie and witnessed a turnaround in his fortune. This experience made him superstitious, he admits. 
True it is that experience molds beliefs in ways sometimes inexplicable. 


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