oct 6,2008

"duh. .!i don't wanna go!!" i said this to myself. .as soon as my cell. .snoozed for almost the 5th time. .=D. .i was juz not willin' to go to school. .dunno. .why. .(though i didn't have any test . .nor did i have to submit my recent exam report card to my teacher=D). .but then i somehow unwillingly woke up. .!..i was getting ready for my school. .and suddenly . .shivika(my best friend) rang up to know if i were going. .! i said yes. .n she told that she 'd pick me up. .!!i was okay at the moment but desperately wanted to stay back. .!after a few minutes, she called up again . .and said she was not coming with me n 'd be takin her younger bro with her. .!!it further added to my "not goin to the skool plan";) moreover i was getting late n had no means to go except my bicycle. . n this was how . .i better thought to chuk school. .:D

merely 5 minz had passed. .n her mum called. .i was astounded at the moment. .:o
n she said. ."beta(in hindi. .auntys do address like that)shivika has forgotten her bagpack. .could you take it to the skhool. .??"
woaa!woht should i do now. .?i thought. .for the moment ..but i said . .that i'd be takin' her bag with me!. .pheww. .it ruined my plan. .!!:(. .then i dressed up 'gain n sped along with my bicycle to her place(not really . .the bicycle hardly had any air in its tyres). .took the bag n dragged my bicycle again. .:( i was already late for the school. .but was a bit happy on the other side. .since i had a valid excuse!:D
i reached the school somehow. .duh!. .n guess what. .?!. . .the princi (whoops!respected principal sir!)was standing at the gate. .!!"NOT AGAIN!" i thought. .!
(i am usually getting harsh scoldings for getting late always. .:D. .).. .but what did i see. .?! he was smiling at me. .he asked the reason. .i blatantly said the TRUTH!;)
he asked me to stand in the late comer's queue. .!there i was. .standing alone with no 12thies around. .!(yeah i am in grade 12th. .:)). .it added to my worries. .since i still had to face the HITLER . .LOL!..yeah!this is what many pupils state chauhan ma'am(whoopz !RESPECTED. .too. .)as!

but the reality was totally antagonistic to my expectations!:-) it was hardly what i expected!. .no scolding nor any lectures. .*yawn* but i was sent to the class straight away. .!!seemed. .god was happy ' at my deed. .!(Oh..!did i forget to mention 'bout my DEED. .?ey,i took my friend's bag to the school anyhow. .no matter how n what the circumstances were :D)


good work!!
so finally good deeds
turn out to be good 4 oneslf!!

October 13, 2008 at 7:12 AM  

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