Cursing Humour !!!

PHEw!!! [KaRz(Curse) ...(Karzzzi ) Imesh Ishammiyya(He- mess Reshmaiyya) ]
CUrsE No.:

i) 'Rishi kapoor' is seeking a place to hide and is cursing himself for acting in Karz(1980).
ii) 'R.K'. is cursing India to be 'democratic' , if it wouldn't have been democratic he would have banned 'He-mess '.Not getting a place to cry he weeps for hours sitting near the shit pot after watching KaRzz promos (yuk!).
iii) He-mess was given a schedule of exercise to increase his facial expressions by Baba Ramdev. But it didn't work & He-mess still looks expressionless on-screen . He curses B.R. ........

[Others {way back}]

i)'TaShAn': Kareena possessed Paris Hilton (Hollywood hottieeeee...) figure (even copied her expressions )& cursed yashraj for insisting size (0) zero look as the film flopped .
ii)'Dus ':( yes the movie {years ago} didnt make anything on box office ) Shilpa Shetty copied Lara Croft look & cursed herself for beleiving that the Tomb Raider was a flop .She supposed that no one would catch her replicating as the movie flopped.
iii)'Ankahee': Esha Deol simulating Madonna's haircut in the movie made it a flop .
She cursed Madonna as she turned 40. Thereafter Esha has an unlucky no. that is 40.

List goes on & on , I guess , I myself have started cursing them all. Enough is enough , no one's genuine in bollywood (except some).


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