They are here for bringing a change !

I read it somewhere about our PM that , Manmohan Singh's father used to be honoured when his son was governor . He used to show people his son's signature on a one rupee note. That was the pride of a father for the achievement of his own blood .
In my memory - Five years back ,the Dainik Bhaskar front page ,next morning after the Lok Sabha results , contained a modified form of the poem "Khoob ladiMardani (vo jhansi waali raaani thi)" on Sonia Gandhi. The widow played it yet again , this time with daughter Priyanka & son Rahul. A widow clicks right & clinches victory.Sonia learned Hindi , conquered her imposed image of a foreigner , fought hard doing rallies & finally her critics got answers by the figures on the doomsday. Its no more Congres(t) for one of the most prominent party in the largest democracy in the world ; now its Congress in progress ."ITALY MEM DID IT AGAIN".

A youthful approach , a young criterion for a professed outlook , no more biased thinkers , thats what Rahul Gandhi has brought up to the Congress .Praises for him .
Manmohan Singh will become 2nd P.M. to stay twice onto the post after J. Nehru.After 38 long years Indians have given consecutive chance to the same government.Something above the PITY-POOR-POLITICS is about to take place this time . Things like buying of M.P's for gaining majority , parties altering there fundamental principles for being in the ruling government etc is PPP. This is the major advantage of the emergence of a single party with a considerably good numbers of seats to form a government .This government should be unidirectional & will be working without compromises (opposite to the last time , due to left alliance). Lets hope for the best .


keep writing on such issues.

November 18, 2009 at 5:28 AM  

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