Each human being on earth has a different way of thinking & a unique way of judging things .Every person has a different opinion on every other thing present on earth .No two persons can have the same opinion on everything present in this world.
Every person has limits to what is good or bad?what is clean or dirty? what is addiction or love ? what is selfish or humble? & several others in this list. Every person has a distinguished manner of taking things & judging them with discriminated thought process.It is, in deed very difficult to balance with the art of looking at the other person's point of view & still being oneself .
An addict would do anything for getting a piece of what he's addicted to , that's what he thinks is important to him & that's what he wants . But to a normal guy , this would look like being insane. People have different measures to have an idea about a thing being dirty or clean. For an instance , some people think that there hands are clean only by washing it with water , some take no less than use of soap & some do not even mind washing . For some looking good is of utmost importance but some don't even bother wearing decent stuff.
So , many people one comes across in daily life have versatile opinions, nature , character & different ways of judging things .The difficulty lies in the fact that one has not to forget to be oneself even belonging to various kinds of people . I had read somewhere long before that a person can have good friends if he/she can see other's point of view with their own's. It is really hard to do this . I myself felt this dilemma of being myself or to consider others point of view . One has to have a balance in it . There's a confusion in being (exactly)oneself in front of every single/different person one meets.


quite true,sometimes its really difficult to choose between being oneself and to think of others

November 18, 2009 at 5:24 AM  


May 19, 2012 at 2:21 PM  

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