On the Verge of Submerging....

Yes one day will come when these special , priceless days will diminish from my life .
These college life days ; when things are fine & good we have fun ,& we never come to know how time flies .

I have been half way through , completing my 2ND year . Two more year & I am done with the best days of my life ,which I am gonna cherish all my life. But who knows a masters degree would add 2 more years if possible (it has a but...huh!). After all even if the degree's are over the fact which persists in life is learning never ends .
Someone who thinks that he has every knowledge in the world & doesn't need to learn more is on a declining path (not my thought actually heard it from my father).

One day these days (including this one ) will become past & I may sit in the evening reading a newspaper & on reading something I would recollect my memories (Uh! its too much to think of !!). Once I submerge into the outside world (the world outside the college) all would change. A seriousness would be in my mind 24*7 . I will have responsibilities (you know!:P). Life goes on & on with all the ups & downs .The wants never ends , satisfaction doesn't lasts long , boredom conquers .
One more remark , I blazed at what i have written above , I clicked over another aspect of human life - no matter how well we plan its always uncertain at last . Just look at the possibilities I have in my mind for my life (a masters degree, responsibilities,time for memories etc) anything can happen even what I haven't thought of . I don't even know the longevity of my life. That's the way it goes far from my control ; far from anyone else's control but only in hands of The Almighty . I personally admit it about myself that I don't plan much . I trust destiny over this and my experiences are the spine of my trust . Eh! Why am i writing it like that . You reader can do follow what u plan . I am fortune believer.
Its not that I am submerging into the outside world right now, but its an anticipation of what I guess I would feel when I leave college.Since at the beginning of college , school days seemed better & when I would leave college ; college days will appear dearer . For now , concentrating on present.....


Nice post.
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October 15, 2009 at 10:36 PM  

Cool yaar
I Like the Way u write!!!!

October 22, 2009 at 6:41 AM  

written nicely,could have been more interesting.

November 18, 2009 at 5:14 AM  

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