Who are we?the mortals who commit mistakes,understand,accept our faults and then correct our mistakes?(..which are even blunders..)But does this thing always happen with each and every individual?I don't think each and every individual has the power to analyse what he has done..There are a few who do not even think before they leap and later repent for it.Unfortunately,I am the one who belong to this category of individuals(*sigh*)Does life give a second chance always ?Well yes,it does..but many of us are too ignorant to even look for it .When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which 's open for us.The ocassion piles up with difficulty..and we become helpless..:(we weep , our heart cries out in pain..We find ourselves drowning in the vortex of gloom..Sometimes it is too much for us that ,one even puts his own life at risk due to the immense depression that burdens our heart.

But then,a natural process starts up within..just without realizing it..suddenly a little voice emerges from within..to rise up with the difficulty..it is God within us that wants us to stand up for our own blunders,to correct them and move forward..We must listen to this meek voice within and shut down all the clutter and the noise of the world ..If we follow to it,we find that the feeble and the gloomy individual within us is becoming stronger and is gradually rising up.We try to improve ourself at the start of each new day; of course, we achieve quite a lot in the course of time through introspecting and taking a vow to not to repeat those blunders again.We start realizing that life has a whole new meaning for us ..we start to live again ,have a stronger conscience and respect life..
It is we who make our our life complex..Since it is our life,we are solely responsible for how it has been and how it will be in the future years .No one else has a share in it ...

My friends ,what I have learnt till now is to behold and act in a positive way:)

Cheers :)


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