"If I were to look over the whole world to find out the country most richly endowed with all the wealth,power and beauty that nature can bestow - in some parts a very paradise on earth - I should point to India ."

F.Max Muller
hey ppl...!!!!
so it was independence day again...
the 61st aniversary of our freedom from british rule....
but what actually is freedom....?
this poem by Rabindranath Tagore clarifies wat it is ?

Freedom from fear is the freedom

I claim for you my motherland!
Freedom from the burden of the ages,
bending your head,breaking your back,
blinding your eyes to the beckoningcall of the future;
Freedom from the shackles of slumber wherewith
you fasten yourself in night's stillness,
mistrusting the star that speaks of truth's adventurous paths;
freedom from the anarchy of destiny
whole sails are weakly yielded to the blind uncertain winds,
and the helm to a hand ever rigid and cold as death.
Freedom from the insult of dwelling in a puppet's world,
where movements are started through brainless wires,
repeated through mindless habits,
where figures wait with patience and obedience for the master of show,
to be stirred into a mimicry of life.


In the first line, Tagore gives an unusual definition for freedom. He does not say that freedom means power, strength or authority. He defines it as freedom from fear. Thought deeply, one can understand that behind the smallest dearth of freedom, fear lies lurking.This is true not only politically or intellectually, but spiritually as well.Tagore rejects the submission to destiny, comparing a life without freedom with a mimicry. His ideas show his patriotism,a tremendous intellect and a great understanding of the dynamics of human mind and society.
This poem speaks to me of a problem,not only of his motherland India,but all peoples of all times. It's about being locked into the past's way of doing things, afraid to change, afraid to break out of the mould into the light of Truth.We all have this problem, and Tagore has concisely and sublimely summed it up.

back to independence day........>>>
Today we come together,

Be the cause for the unity,

Make it Beautiful day another..

Fight against corruption,

Spurl the flag of On NATION

Happy Independence Day!

well a day significant for indians all over the globe...

this day has turned out to be , just another holiday for most of us.
i think its time,something has to be done abt it...

well talkin abt Youngistaanis...!!!
the YOUTHS..!!!

v r supposed to b the leaders of tomorrow... [ i was the captain of my school football team :)]
as rightly said,

"The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity"
Benjamin Disraeli

our freedom was won with great struggle and sacrifice after centuries of servitude to foreign rule.Its important that those of us who belong to the post - independence generation should not take our freedom for granted.

we are free from foreign rule,but what abt problems like corruption,terrorism,communalism,poverty,illiteracy...etc

did freedom fighters fought for this india.......????

nobody at that time wud have ever wondered that our united, peace loving country will turn up this way.
v youths believe we are free now and we demand our rights........

right to vote,express,share and do whateva we wantbut wat abt the duties.......????
duties come along with rights.......


wat we all do is sit in front of tv and curse the present government and say " indya ka kuch nahi hoga.... " (nothings gonna change here)
did anyone of us ever think of changing the system?
" NO"
most of us call politics a "dirty game", with politicians fighting around for power.actualy politics aint is us who's making it dirty.its on us to decide whom v want to elect.
YES YOU !!!! (face it )
so v need to clean out this dirt .

well how is somethings gonna change until and unless wetake a step ahead and fight for whats right and whats wrong....
India has the biggest democracy in the world..........
which means


The constitution gives us a right to vote as soon as we turn 18, i.e., once we become sensible and independent(?) and start deciding what is right and what is not. We can elect the desired candidate.

On the top of it , there are youngsters who doesnt seem to care which way our country is heading to.All they care about is the new flicks,orkut,mobiles,gadgets,clothes,bikes,cars,music and what not. Ask them what our country needs right now and they reply who gives a damn what india needs i m going to settle down in the US (the land of "opportunity" & "terrorism") or abraod & earn big bucks (thats what happiness means to them) and won't come back again in this "dirty useless place".

On the other side.....there are youngsters who show their interest and are really doing their fabulous job in their own fields. some young ppl are working for the good of the country at the grassroots level like there are many who join NGO’s, rallies or help the needy there are youths like Milind Deora ,Rahul Gandhi ,Sachin Pilot, Sindhya etc who r making there presence felt.the youths must urge to change the system ,thats the way this country gonna write its own script .lets hope for a brighter tomorrow and not just hope but work for abetter tomorrow (n a better today " which might b like expecting too much " huh!!!)...

"Serving a motherland is not service - its a responsibility"

Jai Hind........!!!!!!

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The article is really coooll....
Actually d whole blog is coolll & gr8... U guys are doing an awsome job....
Rock on!!!!!!!!!

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awesome article..
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great job man.

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Great Article..!!
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