Another imitated flick !!!!!

Today, bollywood added one more flick to its copycat list. As expected the movie is a remake of hollywood blockbuster of 2003 "Bruce Almighty".

The big b part ws originally played by Morgan Freeman,Sallu by jim Carrey & Pyiyanka by Jennifer Aniston. Its a kind of pity for bollywood (ye nahi sudhrenge) . Afzal Khan really showed nuisance onscreen for 3 long hours .Its a torture sitting in theatre n watching this one.

Nagesh Kukunoor once in a award function said that v are a country of 100 million people n v can not even bring a genuine story out of us.This really is sad .huh!!! when this bollywood gonna grow up & make some genuine movies .Even the posters resemble themselves .........shame

i condemn that.

By -Shafique


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