Independence Day!!!

The 15Th of august : the independence day has not been treated more than a holiday ,nowadays .Many people don't treat it as a national festival/occasion;
same is the case with me.For me its a day to have an appetite of laddooss (moti choor) .
My relatives r teachers so i get this treat . The day is nothing more than a holiday for me too.
It has only brought me a day to rest my striving body.
One can hear the chanting of patriotic songs from the roadside, the school kids enjoying themselves while commuting their ways, the tv channels playing patriotic movie stuff , plus the news channel anchors having special dresses to wear & a tri-color mono to flaunt their ruthless feelings.
The day is of less importance to the youth . The implication lies behind a simple logic that the youth were born ed in the country when it had already achieved freedom ; so it is less meaningful to them . Sometimes, one doesn't know the importance of things which one has unless one looses them . Apart from this there are many reasons behind it.But after all the odd aspects, there are feelings irresistible about this day. the feeling when i get up in the morning ,the essence in the air,the gratitude towards the freedom fighters& all.But as a matter of fact for me as a school boy now to a college hunk the day has lost its grandness . Hitherto,by gods grace at least it has not lost its moral value for me...

By -Shafique


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