Once Again In My Life I Became Buddyless~~

I missed it when i had lost it .
I realised its importance when it was not with me .
I used to spend hours with it.
Even hours passed like seconds;
i enjoyed every moment with it.
I guess i am addicted to it.
Its so important that i can't live without it.

Looking & staring at it for hours was a common practice ;
touching it gave my fingers
a miraculous joy. I am always glad with it .
It has always done whatever i wanted it to follow ;
one would never get a follower like it .
Sometimes my mom scolds me to leave it .
But i called it my buddy and never left it .
Now, after two long days without it,
I'm again with it .
Once again I'm feeling ecstatic with it .
My buddy had gone for refurbishment .
Now its working with greater speed & efficiency.
My Buddy is my.................................... PC (rather "Internet freak PC") .
Its the best Buddy in the world.
By -Shafique


i was amazed by reading all ur blogs n hope in future will get more intresting blogs to read!!!

by: Akanksha dubey

September 3, 2008 at 9:57 AM  

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