9/11 ...........

9/11,ya the famous date to make one retrieve abut the WTC terrorist attack .
But it was in 2001 and on this date every year all news columns are filled with everything regarding the sad incident, but i ain't do the same .The date i m talking abt is 9/11
2007 (Sept 11 2007)
It has an utmost significance in my life .It was my first day to college .Now it is exactly a year back from now (9/11 2008).
I don't know how these 365 precious days have passed like .It seems to me it only took a fraction of a second and i sprinted a year ahead (like Bolt during olympics ...wow!!).Many screwing incidents which turned out to be lessons have become memories now.

On to the point , Sept 11 2007 , I woke up and got ready to wear best of my outfits . Went to the bus stop to catch the college bus , there were a few pharmacy
seniors (I didn't know abt the fact that they were not BE students), so i gave them a general intro.I was wearing a jeans and a shirt(printed & colourful) which annoyed them all both in bus and in college . To add to there annoyance was a brand new belt( which was taken by a Senior a day later).Went to college building without looking upwards .
I was the last one to enter the classroom .The first lecture was of Engg. Chemistry then BEE BE C.Skill ED M1 to follow .The college was new so were the furniture and gave away a redolence what newly furnished wood gives .The day was just about average (but now it does matter a lot).That day I was a bit depressed as all of my classmates seemed as awkward as dumb fellows or as ignorant as statues. But finally my perceptions changed and I found friends which are invaluable.

Nowadays college has become the next best place after my home to spend time at.
This one year has changed me , now I have discovered a creative self of mine which makes me to blog and share things . I am finally glad to b a member of the blogosphere.

by - Shafique


After reading these blog i were remembering my college days of 1st & 2nd year.........those moments are very EXPENSIVE for me......
its all becoz of ur blog writing...
soooo THANK U to both of u....
&& also thanx for esp comment blog

keep it up.......all the best

September 15, 2008 at 7:44 AM  

i juz cudn't get over . .if i 'd hav not read it completely. .but thanks to me as i did :)though i hav got my exam the next mornin :)

bloody kickass!. .kudOz to you guys. .keep wrItin n keep sharIn!;)


September 24, 2008 at 12:04 PM  

superub.......after reading dis blog i got it college days r really fantastic............

gud........all d best n keep it up

September 27, 2008 at 7:57 AM  

yeah colg days r awesome
n never come back again.
thanx for ur appreciation
n i couldnt hav knwn tht this
post was good without
ur comments!!!
thanx a lot

September 29, 2008 at 8:28 AM  

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