Chequered Flag!!

23 9 2008

7:21 PM
It was dusk half an hour before.And I was solving a Network Analysis (NAS) numerical on coaching. Suddenly my cell rang & I responded.
" This is Kaustubh ' result ' has come & I have passed with 61.4% " listening to this 'R' word I lost my calm (damn! I merely panicked). Me : " you not kidding right?".
Kaustubh: "I swear damn it your roll no. is 46 huh!!".
Me : "yes 46 I would kill u if you r pranking u bastard".
Kaustubh : "bye its charging me ".
Me : "OK bye".
(Adrenaline rushed into my mind) Two minutes later my cell rang again & it was the same no. my hands shivering to answer it , finally i told my heart to calm down and answered the call." you passed man you passed " (the same voice echoes in my thoughts up til now).
Me : "What what are u ......u not joking ...I would kill u .... u moron... swear now .
Kaustubh "Teri kasam ,Meri kasam ,Meri Bhabhi ki kasam....etc etc (censored things too )... u have 81 in a subject i don't know which one it is?(it was civil).
Me : "u still not joking right " i yelled like an animal , standing at the corner of the street . Gradually after 2 more minutes I came back on earth & saw 10 eyes(paired human eyes ..."matlab 5 chaps yaar" ) looking at me astonishingly. I laughed at my gesture a minute later & justified there curiousness's of watching me like that . At that moment I saw a "chequered flag" flown in front of me as if I had won a race or anything . I cleared my mind & informed my dad.That was all overwhelming . I returned home in no time eager to clarify my result myself.Firstly the server didn't work ,but i got calls from my other friends giving me that royal news (ha ha!!).Finally at 8:08PM I saw my result & was glad ,filled with bliss,walking on air, on seventh heaven,on cloud nine , (ahem-ahem!!!)in her arms etc etc...But this special moment will surely become a memory sometime in future . I simply won't forget this "chequered flag" .


hey dude!!! CONGRATES....
dont worry.... i wud surely complete d race wid u in dis hell 3rd sem............

September 25, 2008 at 11:11 AM  

thnx alot
u surely will do the same
(i mean winning the race)..

September 29, 2008 at 8:32 AM  

hey bro congrats for ur chequered flag victory. its just the beginning dude

September 30, 2008 at 1:51 AM  

congrats fr chequered flag...
what a memory to share ..especially
fr we kind of ppl it is really special.

October 22, 2008 at 7:29 AM  

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