RoCK oN !!!

rOcK oN..!!!
Hell ya..!!!

pichle saat dino mein.....nana na na na
nana na na na nana na na na na nana na

i'm srry for repeating that "na na"
i kno its more than required.....
but what to do.....?
the song is so gud its sticked to my tongue...........nana na na
cant stop myself doing na na na na
awesome song...!!!!
the film is as ROCKING as the title is...!!!

so here it is our first-------------------->>>>>>
(is there nething lyk that or i just coined in a new phrase.....?)



-quiet promising
-real fun stuff
-must watch movie

real cool music + so-so acting + usual indian drama + good cinematography = ROCK ON

well the movie which has certainly changed perception abt rock music in minds of various ppl who consider lovers of rock ( youngsters ) as crazy nd insane who wear too long hair and play music too loud
a very brave attempt by the makers who presented the rock in its actual conventional form cnt believe bollywood film makers can even think of doing something like this......
its lyk a 'Dream movi' for all those (including ME......phew...!!!!!) who were tired of usual indian romantic/action films.....nd ofcourse those fake/immitated/sequel/remix crap movis..........ahhhh long list

good acting by director turned debut actor cum singer farhan....
nd is co-producer of the movie...
so much work eh..?
(how does he handle all this...........?)

prachi desai
YES..!!! that's right
its that (K)ekta (k)apoor's (K)asam se-fame tv actress (k k k ne more k's remaining...?)
(yes, i kno you watch those saas-bahu serials...:):))
jhalak dikhlaja winner.........(wat is that....?)

tried her best but ended up being in a supporting role....
the same can be said for the other two members of the band.
arjun rampal did a quiet good job
you can see so many new faces....
they did nice work

Abt d storyline:
its a story abt 4 frnds.....(frnds ? no such detail though)
who form a rock band 'MAGIK'
nd dream to becum no.1 rock band of india (yes i know u also want to do same....LOSER..!!!)
finally they get a platform to perform in V 's reality rockband show
nd how there life turns out to be int he end......

The flash backs and flash forwards may annoy you a bit...
and yes the viewer is invited to yawn once or twice
but overall a nice decent movie........
cant call it a family movie....
but yes you can watch it with your family (no rakhi sawant and no item no's)
(thank god...!!!!!)

thumbs up to Abhishek Kapoor,the director
he did a wonderful job
wel it seems like a rabbit from magicians hat.
the music is super cool.....all thanks to SEL(Shankar Ehsaan Loy)
the trio showed their "MAGIK" once again.......
conventional rock music.....a bit slow and bit a bit fast
very soothing nd realistic
music to tap ur feet
dis songs will stay on the chart for a long time
farhan has a super rocking voice quality
apt for rock songs (atleast :)).
actualy he shud think abt starting a rock band group.....(lyrics toh *papa* likh hi denge)
ne one interested.....?
send in ur entries at

Feels as refreshing as farhan's debut directorial flick dil chahta hai....
wel one cant imagine Javed Akhtar writing such wonderful lyrics for rock songs.....
too gud...must hear

if you are an ardent lover of rock music....
u are certainly gonna lyk this and
even those who hav even a bit of interest in music...

i guess a new addition in my fav movies....!!!

In d end "ROCK ON" rocks..........!!!!

*top songs* : Pichle saat dino, rock on , socha hai, jo tum ho to,yeh tumhari meri baatein.
*music rating* : 4.5/5.0
*movie rating* : 4.0/5.0

P.S: the ratings are my own.
go and watch it on your own to find out wat actualy it is.
from my side,a must watch movie...
if you saw the movie do give ur comments here...

by -Puneet


hii shafique n puneet,
this blog is really very cool

September 12, 2008 at 6:21 AM  

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